What are the Key Components to Avalanche Safety?

The Gear

Every member of your party need a Beacon, Shovel, and Probe.  These are essential tools for Avalanche Rescue.

The Plan

This means much more than we are going to "Super Powder Land" for the day.  It means that we have put time and energy into preparing for our day out.  We need to check the AVALANCHE FORECAST, local weather, and have knowledge of the terrain that we will travel in or through.  Also, did we share that plan with someone and/or do we have a means of communication. What if something goes sideways. Are you prepared for the undesirable?? 

The Training

Chances are that if you are on this website you have interest in getting some avalanche education.  Our course are a great resource for protecting yourself and others in the backcountry.  This does not mean that you will have all you need.  Winter mountain travel is a hostile learning environment, meaning hazards may lurk but the evidence may be subtle and hard to find.  Cautious and honest self reflection are key to gaining valuable experience.