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Avalanche Skills Training Level 1

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The AST 1 curriculum is set by Avalanche Canada and provides an entry-level decision-making framework for traveling in avalanche terrain based on current industry knowledge. This course is perfect for people with basic training and little experience as well as folks with a moderate level of experience. AST 1 is a prerequisite for further recreational or professional avalanche training.

Centre Peak runs this course over two days. At the end of the course, students should be able to: Understand the basics of avalanche formation and release; Identify avalanche terrain; Know the steps required to plan and carry out a trip; Use the Avaluator™ as a decision-making tool in areas where trips are rated using the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES) and where Avalanche Danger Ratings and Avalanche Bulletins are available. Use appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain; Carry out a companion rescue; Understand the limits of their training.

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Companion Rescue Skills 

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The Companion Rescue Skills focuses on just that “rescue skills”. This course is primarily held outdoors through a hands on scenario based approach that helps students fine tune the skills they will need when the “snow hits the fan” in a real avalanche situation. This course is open to any back-country recreationalist – there are no prerequisites. The Companion Rescue Skills course can be used as the first stepping stone to avalanche training and can also be used as a refresher for those who have previous training in either AST 1 or AST 2 or other avalanche training.

At the end of the course, students should be able to: Consider and incorporate preventative measures; Prioritize actions if caught in an avalanche; Understand the function of airbags; Understand transceiver functions and practice transceiver skills; Apply search and rescue techniques; Practice searching without a transceiver; Consider multiple burial situations; Organize a group rescue; Identify post-incident considerations; understand the need for ongoing practice and continued training.


Managing Avalanche Terrain NEW COURSE

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The MAT is a focused field-based course designed to expand on the terrain management theory taught in the AST 1 course, and to develop winter back country travel skills.  The course objectives are to recognize and classify avalanche terrain, plan and prepare for a back country trip, demonstrate and utilize techniques to minimize risk when traveling in the back country.